Our Commitment
  • We’re committed to making sustainable business decisions
    for the betterment of society, global health, and the planet

    Samsung Biologics is pursuing its mission to create a better world with high-quality biopharmaceuticals through a global logistics supply chain and comprehensive social responsibilities, while building a basis for sustainability. As a response to climate change, Samsung Biologics will expand its eco-friendly investment in the production facilities and energy reduction in the business sites, while also engaging in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

    Moreover, we will grow with the local community through various social contribution activities such as supporting the most vulnerable members of our local community, and fulfilling social environmental responsibilities by participating in the Korea National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training (K-NIBRT) to establish the Shared Growth Management.
    Samsung Biologics was awarded the 2022 Terra Carta Seal, which recognizes global companies driving innovation and action towards the creation of genuinely sustainable markets.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Samsung Biologics recognizes our responsibility to help drive the change to net zero;
therefore, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and our products.
Supplier decarbonization standards

While Samsung Biologics’ emissions from business sites (Scopes 1 & 2) account for 13%, 87% of emissions fall under indirect emissions (Scope 3) due to the nature of the CDMO business.

Samsung Biologics Carbon Footprint(2022) Samsung Biologics Carbon Footprint(2022)

Since 83.9% of our Scope 3 emissions comes from the supply chain, Samsung Biologics aims to establish a Net Zero Supply Chain Program, aligned with the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s efforts, to work more closely with our suppliers to reduce our overall impact.

To reach net zero by 2050 or earlier, we expect our partners to:

Set Net Zero targets
  • · Set Net Zero targets aligned with the 1.5°C pathway (2050 or earlier).
  • · Join climate initiatives such as SBTi and verify the targets.
Assess & disclose GHG emissions
  • · Calculate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  • · Improve the accuracy through Life Cycle Assessments.
  • · Disclose emissions and the status of climate change response via CDP or other global platforms.
Participate in an annual survey
  • · Participate in our survey to share annual emissions reduction performance.
  • · Set standards for calculating the share of emissions related to Samsung Biologics (product-level LCA, etc.).
Evaluating supplier sustainability

We will continue to monitor the status of the supply chain’s climate change response through an Annual Survey and provide consultation opportunities to fulfill requirements and improve response levels.

We also invite our suppliers to allow us to conduct assessments and evaluations to increase our supply chain transparency and actively encourage participation in identifying areas of improvement.


Through our evaluation and assessment program, Samsung Biologics will offer more opportunities and benefits in new process development and supply chain selection to suppliers who actively engage in climate change response activities.

To fully integrate sustainability into our value chain, our suppliers’ participation is vital and will serve as an opportunity to further reinforce our connection with clients to build a healthier future for all.

Marketing Practices

Samsung Biologics respects its clients’ right to choose, and the company provides clear information on the characteristics, features and functions of all services so that its customers can make sound and informed decisions. It is aware of the importance of ethical marketing in fulfilling social responsibility, and it strives to comply with the ethical, medical and scientific standards and relevant laws and regulations in its activities and materials for promoting its services and products.

Samsung Biologics strives to clearly communicate the description/specification of its services and products. It refrains from overstatements or omissions of critical information regarding a product's ingredient, material, content, specification or efficacy that may mislead consumers. It also complies with the standard of conduct along with experts of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, patients and suppliers.



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