Business Ethics

Samsung's Management Philosophy is to "devote our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society." Samsung's code of conduct is the foundation that allows us to create a fair, clean, and transparent corporate culture.

  • Samsung aims to be a 'world-leading company,' by devoting our human resources and technology to create best products and services, thereby contributing to a better society for all humans.
  • To meet this goal, all Samsung employees share and pursue the Samsung Values of 「People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, Co-prosperity」.
  • Furthermore, we have established and hereby declare to practice 「The Samsung Business Principles」 in a proactive manner in order to fully comply with all laws and ethical practices as well as to express our concrete commitment to our role and social responsibility as a corporate citizen.
Laws and Ethics
Clean Organizational Culture
  • We maintain a clean organizational culture.

2-1 We make a strict distinction between public and private affairs in our duties.

  • When corporate interest comes into conflict with personal interest, the Company's legitimate interest shall come first.
  • The Company shall not permit any illicit activity for the pursuit of personal gain, using one's position for private gain such as the embezzlement or misuse of corporate assets.
  • Employees shall not conduct a transaction with marketable securities such as stock trading using the information acquired during the service of duties.

2-2 We protect and respect intellectual properties of the Company and others.

  • Employees shall not leak corporate intellectual properties and confidential information without prior consent or approval to the outside.
  • The Company will respect and not use, copy, distribute, or infringe on the intellectual properties of others in any other ways.

2-3 We create a sound organizational atmosphere.

  • The Company has zero tolerance for any type of behavior that may hamper the relations between co-workers like sexual harassment, financial transactions and physical assaults.
  • Employees shall not form any party or private gathering that may cause a sense of disharmony within the organization.
  • The Company will endeavor to maintain and develop a mutually cooperative relationship between management and employees based on mutual trust and clear and effective communication. *
  • * In order to ensure effective communication/reporting on misconduct, the Company shall facilitate and maintain a whistleblowing channel that protects the anonymity of the individual.
Respect for Stakeholders
  • We respect customers, shareholders and employees.

3-1 We put priority on customer satisfaction in management activities.

  • The Company will endeavor to offer the products and services which meet the expectations and requirements of customers in a timely fashion.
  • The Company will adopt a kind and whole-hearted manner in engaging with customers and willingly embrace their suggestions and complaints.
  • The Company shall respect and protect the customers' reputation and personal information.

3-2 We pursue management focused on shareholder value.

  • The Company will pursue increases in investment returns in the long-term for shareholders through reasonable investment and improvement of management efficiency.
  • The Company will endeavor to make profits stably and advance its market value by conducting sound management activities.
  • The Company will respect shareholders' rights and legitimate requests and opinions.

3-3 We endeavor to improve our employees' quality of life.

  • The Company will offer equal opportunities to all employees and treat them justly based on their ability and achievement.
  • The Company will encourage and strongly support employees' continuous learning and capacity-building required to perform their roles and responsibilities.
  • The Company will provide a working environment in which personal initiative and creativity are encouraged.
Environment, Health, and Safety
  • We care for the environment, health and safety.

4-1 We pursue environment-friendly management.

  • The Company will observe international environmental standards, national, state and local laws and regulations and internal rules and policies relating to environmental protection.
  • The Company will make its utmost effort to protect the environment throughout its whole business activities spanning from development, production and to sales.
  • The Company will take the lead in efficient use of resources including waste recycling.

4-2 We value the health and safety of human beings.

  • The Company will observe international safety standards, national, state and local laws and regulations and internal rules and policies relating to safety.
  • The Company will endeavor to prevent safety accidents by conforming to safety rules and providing a clean working environment.
  • The Company will make efforts not to provide any product or service which may do harm to the health and safety of human beings.
Social Responsibility
  • We are a socially responsible corporate citizen.

5-1 We sincerely execute our basic responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

  • Employees are encouraged to endeavor to build trust within the local community by fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.
  • The Company will endeavor to create stable employment and to faithfully fulfill its tax obligation.

5-2 We respect the social and cultural values of local communities and practice co-existence.

  • The Company will respect the laws, culture, values and beliefs of the local communities where it operates and shall contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of local residents.
  • The Company will contribute to a sound social development through public-interest activities such as academic advancement, art, culture and sports.
  • The Company will actively participate in social services such as volunteer activities and disaster relief.

5-3 We build up relationships of co-existence and co-prosperity with business partners.

  • The Company will build a reciprocal relationship with its business partners on the foundation of mutual trust and recognize them as strategic partners.
  • The Company will help our business partners grow their competitiveness and seek developing ourselves with them together by providing legitimate support.



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