Drug Product Service

With Higher
Speed and

We know you have many choices when it comes to entrusting your drug product manufacturing to a CMO. Samsung Biologics was founded on the simple principles of providing better services with higher speed and flexibility at the most competitive pricing, all while maintaining top quality and full regulatory compliance.
With these principles, we are committed to re-invent the CMO client experience and provide you with the highest level of satisfaction in the industry.
Whether your needs be in fill-finish of monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, or small molecule drugs, we are here to help.

Aseptic Filling
Small & Large Scale Clinical & Commercial
Vials & Syringes
Biologics & Small Molecules
Small & Large Scale Clinical & Commercial
Cycle Development
Fully Automated Visual Inspection
Secondary Bulk Packaging
Storage & Shipping
2-8 ℃ to -70 ℃ Storage Options
Passive and Active Shipping Options
Regulatory Support
Approved in over 20 Global Markets
Type V DMF
Full CMC end-to- end support

Client Satisfaction

We are committed to Re-inventing the Client Experience in the DP CMO world. From the first point of contact, we are committed to ensuring you have the most pleasant experience possible. We know Tech Transfers, Clinical Trials and Commercial Operations can be very difficult and daunting; we are here to help you simplify and succeed in your program objectives. We’ll make it easy on you and your team just the way it should be.

Speed to Market

We live in an industry where mere days can make the difference between a blockbuster success or a complete program implosion. We are confident that you’ll find our expertise in development, tech transfer and commercialization to be the missing link to achieving your goals. Our entire facility is designed around the intention to get your product to market faster and better.
On Time, In Full; every time, all the time.


Whether you are moving your product from the benchtop or from another facility around the world, don’t worry.
We can help. Our facility and systems have been designed to be able to adapt to the many nuances and requirements of our strict industry. Our staff of seasoned experts and well appointed facilities are ready and able to take on nearly every challenge keeping you awake at night. If we don’t have it, we’ll work with you to design the system or purchase the equipment to ensure your success. We are here to serve you and your patients.



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