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Your report will help ensure the protection of Samsung Biologics’ key technologies and business information,
boost the competitiveness of the domestic industry, and contribute to the growth of the nation’s economy.

  • Please report any technical or business information leakage.
  • All information you provide will remain confidential. Your anonymity is guaranteed.
  • Confidential information leakage
  • Security violation
  • Security threat
Not Applicable
  • Rumors and false facts that cannot be verified
  • Defamation of character
  • A case that has been reported to investigative agencies



Modes of reportingrequired

If you remain anonymous, it may be difficult to complete a comprehensive investigation and achieve the desired results if it is found that insufficient information has been received for the investigation.


Subject of the reportrequired

  • Files larger than 10 MB may be subject to upload restrictions.
  • If the file size exceeds the limit, please email it to
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Privacy Policy for the collection and use of personal information. 1. What personal information we collect and how we collect it
(1) Information we collect
- Required information: Contact details
- Optional information: Your name, your company’s name

* Refusal of consent and its disadvantages
Users have the right to refuse to provide the required information. In this case, the company will be unable to respond to the user’s inquiry.

(2) How we collect information
The company collects personal information through the “Security Report Center” menu on its website.

2. The purpose for the collection and use of personal information
The company uses the collected information to provide feedback and manage security reports.

3. Personal information retention period
The company destroys the information as soon as it receives feedback on customer inquiries, fraud reports, or security-related complaints.

All information you provide will remain confidential. Your anonymity is guaranteed.



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Your valuable comments contribute to protecting Samsung Biologic’s core technology and management information, as well as reinforcing domestic competency and economic development.

  • This page is created for reporting core technology and management information leakage.
  • The reported contents as well as the identity of the reporter are strictly secured.