Principles of Human
Rights Management

As a global biopharmaceutical producer, Samsung Biologics respects the human rights of all stakeholders including all employees with production and management activities, and we are striving towards practicing human rights management. Therefore, we will establish and disclose to the public the “Samsung Biologics Charter of Human Rights” which is based on the international human rights principles and norms that include the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), the OECD Multinational Business Guideline, the UN Convention on Children’s Rights, and the International Labor Organization’s Core Convention. Policies include general principles that respect human rights such as the prohibition of forced labor, prohibition of child labor, employment of the elderly, working hours, wages, prohibition of discrimination, and freedom of association.

Diagnosis of Human
Rights Management

Samsung Biologics shares a human rights charter with its employees, partners and other stakeholders to identify and prevent possible human rights violations throughout its business activities in advance, whereby we will respond to potential human rights risks through the human rights management level diagnosis process. We are constantly checking the factors and potential risks that can affect an employee’s human rights through various channels.
Samsung Biologics conducted an internal inspection and human rights impact assessment survey to identify for potential risks to human rights in the workplace, and the risks that are being discovered are being improved by each department in a timely manner. As the results of the human rights impact assessment which was conducted on all employees of Samsung Biologics showed no serious risks, the results of the evaluation were shared with the departments in charge and respective departments, where analysis for reasons to occurrences for the risks and improvement measures were requested for the enhancement tasks that had been formulated. In order to protect the human rights of all stakeholders in our business processes, we plan to continuously manage human rights risks by conducting regular human rights level evaluations.

Identification Process for Human Rights Risks

Risk Assessment
  • Operation of internal and external channels to identify human rights risks
  • Implementation of human rights risk evaluation for all employees
  • Evaluation of risk levels and formation of conclusions
  • Analysis of reasons for occurrences by each risk
  • Formation and review for improvement to systems and structures
  • Suggestion for improvement measures to departments and recommendation of corrective actions
Implementation & Feedback
  • Checking of execution for improvement solutions and sharing of feedback
  • Continuous improvement and inspection of implementation
Human Rights

Samsung Biologics recognizes the importance of human rights management and has applied the respect for human rights for its employees, and in order to raise awareness of human rights management we are strengthening human rights education for our employees every year. In 2020, 98.9% of all domestic employees have completed their education on human rights which include prevention of sexual harassment, prevention of bullying in the workplace, and a culture for mutual respect, etc. Samsung Biologics will continue to strengthen human rights protection in the workplace by expanding its education for various human rights

  • As of the end of 2020, 2,853 people out of 2,886 people have completed ethics management, sexual harassment prevention and human rights education.
Between the Union
and Management

Samsung Biologics is establishing a constructive union-management culture by setting up various channels to ensure positive and mutually respectful communication between the union and management. As we are committed to innovating the corporate culture, a corporate culture innovation agent has been designated to each team to activate department communication and serve a role as a channel for communication between the union and management, etc. In addition, diversification of interactive communication channels between employees and management are being carried out such as the Bio Smart Board and Talk Seminar for Department Heads, a communication bulletin board called Knock where the company listens to various voices of employees to resolve any difficulties or problems in order to maintain a harmonious union-management relationship.
We hold regular union-management council meetings to discuss various agendas in regard to improving working conditions of employees which include wages and benefits, in order to establish a positive union-management culture. In 2020, a total of 38 agendas were introduced, where all 38 agendas (100%) were processed. The results of the agreed negotiations are applicable to all employees (100%) and will be disclosed to all employees through the internal communication channels.


Samsung Biologics operates an anonymous bulletin board where human rights issues can be reported through the company's communication bulletin board and the 6 major reporting centers. Victims or witnesses can report immediately through the bulletin board, and when problems are identified, they are investigated, and measures are taken according to the relevant standards.

Complaint Settlement Process

Complaints Filed
  • Complaints filed through communication bulletin boards or reporting centers based on the contents of six major incidents
Checking & Review of Complaints
  • Verification of the details and facts in the complaints
  • Protection measures for the informer
  • Measures to be applied according to the complaint reviewed
Results of the Review Relayed
  • Results of the review relayed and receival of the assailant’s opinions
Complaint Settlement
  • Depending on the case, personnel measures conducted such as disciplinary actions and training to prevent recurrence



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