So S-CHOice® is our high-performing proprietary cell line development platform which CHO-K1 cells, with GS knock-out system.

This development platform incorporates the latest technology including the Beacon™ system, to ensure the highest accuracies and accelerated timelines.

Commercial terms are competitive, with no revenue based royalties.

Our platform utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and technology, deep experience and technical knowledge to ensure the delivery of top-quality medicine in record breaking time.

With right-first-time and proven experience, we have been able to redefine the actual speed to delivery of medicine and biologics.

The best choice to start your therapeutics development journey

At Samsung Biologics, we understand the importance of optimal cell line development in the successful navigation of clinical trials and challenging regulatory approval process. With our deep expertise and commitment to excellence, we help you reduce time to market and keep costs low, all while achieving the best possible outcomes for your journey.

S-CHOice S-CHOice

High-performing CHO-K1-based cell line development platform

Samsung Biologics’ Cell Line Development service offers clients a cell line process that combines world-class technology, a strategic mindset, and a collaborative spirit to deliver maximized titers and enhanced cell viability.

S-CHOice® builds on glutamine synthase (GS) knock-out Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line technology and shows improved titers reaching above 7 g/L for standard monoclonal antibodies. The cell line also shows enhanced viability with over 90% at day-21 in a fed-batch study.

Single Cell Cloning with Beacon® - 
Screen the right cells
with precision

Efficient screening of a large number of cells and increasing the chances of identifying high-yield/high-quality cell lines are essential for high throughput. While selecting the handful of cells that are most important can take 2-3 months of intensive and expensive manual manipulation. Enhanced by the innovative Beacon® platform, we develop high-yield/ high-quality cell lines within a shorter timeframe.

Single Cell Cloning with Beacon Single Cell Cloning with Beacon

Berkeley® Light Beacon*

Fully automated live cell isolation, selection, and screening in nanopens

Berkeley® Light Beacon Berkeley® Light Beacon
  • Screen 5,000 individual cells to find the best secretors
  • Efficient down selection on unstable clones
  • Automated monoclonality process with visual record at > 99%
  • Beacon is a registered trademark of Berkeley Lights, Inc.
s_choice sisent pc image s_choice sisent mobile image

Secure quality material provision through transient expression

Samsung Biologics' proprietary transient gene expressions (TGE) platform, S-CHOsient™ brings optimized solutions to S-CHOice® in generating higher titer and quality during the early development phase.

Utilize the same host cell line with S-CHOsient™ and experience seamless continuity throughout your development journey.

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Enhanced Productivity with Transposase system
Enhanced Productivity with Transposase system



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