3D visualization of an antibody-drug conjugate

Link Your Antibody
to its Fullest

3D visualization of an antibody-drug conjugate
As a trusted CDMO partner, Samsung Biologics is proud to expand its range of
services to include bioconjugation and the development and manufacturing
of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Expected to be operational in December 2024, our standalone bioconjugation
facility will be supported by the robust GMP systems established for our
existing high-capacity clinical and commercial biological manufacturing. It is
located directly across from our main manufacturing sites.

Dedicated ADC Facility

  • Expedited drug substance (DS) delivery with flexibility at a single site
  • Expertise in quality and proven operational track record
  • Integrated systems with established tools and procedures
  • Stable supply chain management system
Location of Samsung's new antibody-drug conjugate facility in relation to existing development and manufacturing sites Location of Samsung's new antibody-drug conjugate facility in relation to existing development and manufacturing sites
  • Single-use and stainless steel reactors
    (up to 500 L conjugation train)
  • Full-scope laboratories for ADC development,
    quality control (QC), and MSAT
  • High containment facilities for high-potency APIs (HPAPIs)
  • Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) target of 5ng/m³

Dependable ADC Services From a Trusted CDMO

We offer comprehensive services that range from antibody production and conjugation development to manufacturing.

Agile ADC Development Services

Our agile development process reflects the need for speed and efficiency in the early stages of ADC development. With specialized teams, we help our clients move from cell line to formulation in as little as 15 months.

Flexible ADC Manufacturing Processes

Samsung Biologics’ new state-of-the-art ADC facility is designed to support all aspects of ADC manufacturing. Our team constructs timelines that accommodate all ADC components, customizing the journey for each client, from mAb thawing through to formulation and bulk fill-finish.

Integrated ADC Analytical Testing

With Samsung Biologics, all of the analytical tests required for ADC development can be performed at a single site in close partnership with the ADC development and manufacturing teams. This simplicity streamlines your experience and ensures rigorous quality throughout the process.

We are committed to staying at the forefront of advanced ADC technology by making active investments through the
Samsung Life Science Fund and securing future partnerships.
araris araris
Innovative linker-payload toolbox and
conjugation technology
Cutting-edge ADC
development technology
legochembiosciences legochembiosciences
Proprietary ADC platform
brickbio brickbio
Protein engineering
technology for ADC



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